Iran has its own version of McDonald's called Mash Donald's

Pizza Hat and Burger House are other Iranian tributes to America's fast food scene

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The global success of the McDonald's franchise has seen outlets of the fast food franchise crop up in countries all around the world.

The McMenu can be found everywhere from Torquay to Tokyo. But one place where the restaurants are not welcome is Iran.

Since the revolution of 1979, McDonald's restaurants have been spurned by Iranian authorities. The relationship between Iran and the states has long been complex and tense.

Former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad previously voiced the possibility of a full boycott of American products in response to US imposed sanctions.

But that hasn’t stopped fast food fans from launching their own spin-offs, including under the name of ‘Mash Donalds’.

Mash Donalds owner Hassan, told the New York Times: “If I had called my restaurant McDonald’s, I’d get a visit from the hardliners. So my son advised me to go for Mash Donalds. It sort of sounds the same.

“We are trying to get as close as we can get to the McDonald's experience.”

‘Homages’ to America’s fast food scene aren’t just limited to McDonald's. Pizza Hat, ZFC and Burger House are other spin offs.