Iranians mock Israeli prime minster Netanyahu over jeans comment


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Iranians have used social media to mock Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, over comments he made suggesting they were not allowed to wear jeans.

During an interview with BBC Perisan TV, Mr Netanyahu said that if Iranians were free, they would wear blue jeans and listen to Western music, leading to a campaign from Iranians on social media sites mocking his comments.

Many posted images of young Iranians in comic poses wearing jeans and listening to Western music. One images showed an Iranian closet piled high with denim and a young boy in jeans whispering into the ear of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Jeans are not a banned item of clothing in Iran and some Western style music is tolerated.

The backlash also carried a more serious side. Some comments insisted that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is out of touch with ordinary life in Iran, where political dissent is often stifled but some Western-style amenities are common.