Isis 'executes 8 Dutch members for trying to desert'

The Isis leadership in Iraq ordered the arrest of all of the Dutch group's 75 members

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Isis has killed eight Dutch members after they allegedly tried to desert the jihadist group, Syrian activists said on Monday.

"Isis executed 8 Dutch fighters on Friday, 26 of Feb, after fights with Iraqi leaders in Raqqa and they arrested more Dutch fighters," Abu Mohammed, a member of the citizen journalist group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS), said on Twitter.

The group said tension between 75 Dutch jihadis, some of Moroccan origin, and Isis intelligence operatives from Iraq had reached a new high over the last month.

Three other Dutch jihadis were arrested by Iraqi Isis members, who accused them of wanting to flee.

One of the detainees was beaten to death during the interrogation, RBSS reports.

When Isis leaders sent a delegate to solve the dispute, the Dutch cell's enraged members reportedly murdered the intermediary in vengeance. 

The Isis leadership in Iraq then ordered the arrest of all of the Dutch group's members, imprisoning them in Tabaqa and Maadan in Syria.

Eight have since been executed, RBSS reported. 

At least 24 people, including a top Isis official in Mosul, were executed on various changes on Monday, the Kurdish media group Rudaw reported.

"On Monday ISIS executed 24 persons charged with refusing to fight for the group on the battlefields," Saeed Mamuzni, a Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) official in Mosul, told Rudaw.

He said Ahmed Abdulsalam al-Obeidi, the Isis finance minister in Mosul, was among the executed who were charged with treachery.

"Two hundred and thirteen other civilians were also detained by ISIS in Mosul," he added.