Isis executes six ‘spies’ in Iraq accused of leaking militants’ details

The alleged executions, which include beheadings, shootings and one man killed by explosives, come after 22,000 files of Isis fighters' details were handed to the international press

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Isis has purportedly executed six men on accusations of spying against the jihadist group, including the alleged leaking of militants’ details.

In a new trailer for a seemingly forthcoming Isis execution video, images appeared to show the six men being killed by gunshots, beheading and – in one case – a man having his head blown off with explosives tied round his neck.

The images were shared by Isis supporters online, and come after more than 22,000 files on Isis fighters were released to the media by an alleged defector.

Monitoring groups said at least one of the men was beheaded “accused of handing over Isis militants’ details”. There was no suggestion that the executions were directly linked to the leak of the so-called “Isis files” last week.

Isis has only a loose grip on Fallujah, its second-largest city in Iraq lying just 40 miles west of Baghdad. It is estimated more than 600 militants have deserted from the city to the surrounding Iraqi military - a fact Isis is clearly trying to address through its brutal propaganda.

According to a translation by the Mail Online, the images released on Thursday purport to show a hospital worker, three policemen and two others accused of spying for the Iraqi interior ministry.