Palestinian journalists have camera broken by Israeli police while filming Jerusalem Day marches - video

Another Palestinian journalist was blinded in his left eye after being shot by Israeli police

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An Arab film crew were confronted by Israeli police over the weekend as they tried to film the Jerusalem Day march to mark the the capturing of the eastern side of the city 30 years ago.

Journalist Dalia Nammari and cameraman Muhammad Aishu say they were shooting for news channel RT on Sunday when they were stopped by police who pushed Aishu to the floor and took his camera.

The pair said that the “attack” happened despite holding the correct accreditation to shoot the march. “After a terrible time we had to pass through check points that they erected everywhere along the Old City, they asked us to move away from the Damascus gate point,” Dalia Nammari told RT international. “They didn't do it gently, they pushed us and broke our camera.”

The pair said that they continued to shoot on a smart phone but police once again stopped their filming.

“They took away my earpiece ... they are demanding from everyone – even journalists, to evacuate the area. Even Palestinians who live in the city can’t be present here because of the settlers’ march,” Nammari said.

The incident occurred as an estimated 30,000 Israelis marched through the Old City, including its Muslim quarters, to mark the anniversary of Israel’s taking of eastern Jerusalem.

Saturday’s march saw clashes break out between marchers and Palestinian residents protesting against the Jerusalem Day.

Israeli police said on Sunday that two officers were injured after Palestinian protesters threw stones. The incident that saw Nammari and Aishu confronted by the IDF was not the only report of a journalist being injured over the weekend.

Palestinian journalist Nidal Ashtiyeh was left blinded in his left eye, when an IDF soldier shot him with a rubber bullet as he took photos of a Nakba Day protest by Palestinians to commemorate those Palestinians displaced by the creation of Israel.

  According to Ashtiyeh, he was injured alongside another foreign journalist who was shot by an IDF rubber bullet during the march.