Reda el-Fouly: Egyptian woman arrested for 'inciting debauchery' with spoof raunchy music video

Reda el-Fouly and Wael Elsedeki posted the tongue-in-cheek video online

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A woman who danced suggestively in a music video entitled 'Hands Off' before posting it online has been arrested.

Reda el-Fouly is being held by the Egyptian authorities for allegedly "inciting debauchery" and "disrupting morality".

The footage, which went viral with 200,000 views after it was put on YouTube, doesn't contain any nudity but does feature Reda dancing to the voice of a singer called Mena, clad in a revealing black dress. 

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She also dons a bright pink and a blue wig and lipstick later in the three-minute short film.

The low-budget production is titled “Hands Off,” or “Sib Eddi” in Egyptian Arabic, and pokes fun at the music industry.



Ahmed Bakly of the Giza prosecution said in a statement that the clip had “disrupted morality" and called for the arrest of Reda's boyfriend, Wael Elsedeki, who also appears in the video.

Mr Elsedeki reportedly left the country for Tunisia after some social media users called the video "scandalous", Mr Bakly said.


He also called for the arrest of a third person involved in the video, according to the Associated Press.