Saudi woman defies drive ban

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A Saudi woman has flouted the Kingdom's ban on women driving and posted a video of her defiant act on YouTube to mark international women's day.

Wajiha Huwaidar, an activist in a campaign to allow women to get behind the wheel, confirmed to AFP that it was her in the video posted on the video-sharing website. She said she had shot the video in the Eastern Province and uploaded it on Sunday.

Ms Huwaidar said many women were already driving in Saudi Arabia. "Women can drive in the countryside," she said. "There is no problem with that. Some women do the school run everyday without being obstructed. What is important is to allow women to drive in urban areas."

The Saudi authorities have placed strict curbs on women's rights. Last year, more than 1,000 Saudi men and women signed a petition to King Abdullah urging him to lift the ban on women driving. The petition stressed that Islam does not put constraints on women, such as the driving ban.

Wajiha Huwaidar's YouTube Video: