Syria bombing 'in reverse' shows the horrors of daily life in the world's most dangerous country

Advert opens on a football bouncing through blast rubble

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The Syria Campaign has launched a new video in support of a petition seeking to get the UN Security Council to take action to help Syrian civilians.

The advert, directed by Martin Sterling and set to Daughter's 'Youth', depicts a group of children's football game being bombed but in reverse, so instead of life draining from the children they are movingly brought back to life.

"We can't reverse what's happened in Syria, but we can change how the story ends," the video concludes.

With the death toll close to 200,000 Syria is the most dangerous place in the world for ordinary people.

 The majority of civilian deaths these days can be attributed to "barrel bombs" - oil drums filled with explosives, chemical weapons, rusty nails dropped from Syrian regime helicopters onto populated areas.

The same area is often hit twice, to ensure those coming to rescue the victims are also killed.

While the world is so often distracted by other news, the situation is worsening in Syria, with an average of 18 civilians dying every day.

As the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights put it: "The killers, destroyers and torturers in Syria have been empowered and emboldened by the international paralysis."

The campaign has the support of charities like Amnesty, Save the Children and Oxfam and you can add your signature to the petition ahead of the UN General Assembly next week here.