Syrian father reunited with the son he thought was dead in emotional video footage

Scenes uploaded to YouTube purport to show the dramatic moment a father's young son is returned to his arms amid scenes of family relief and jubilation

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As the world’s leaders continue to exchange heated words over the future of the Syria, a video has emerged which evocatively shows a rare heart-warming moment in the ongoing conflict.

Uploaded on Monday to YouTube, it purports to show the moment when a father is reunited with a son he believed had been killed.

One minute into the video a man can be seen emerging from the house with the immense shock and relief of the moment clearly painted across his face and body language.

His young son is then handed into his arms, and amidst the wider family’s hugging and crying shouts of the Takbir (“Allahu akbar!” or “God is great!”) can be heard.

The man’s emotions at times get the better of him, and the child is taken away while he composes himself, but later the boy is seen returned to him once more.

Some 1,300 Syrians are reported to have been killed in recent alleged chemical attack in Damascus, many of them women in children among chaotic scenes.