The Iraqi proposals

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* Iraq government calls for regional security conference, including Iraq's neighbours, to produce an agreement/treaty on non-intervention and combating terrorism. Signatory states will be responsible to a set of markers for commitments.

Purpose: To reduce/ eliminate neighbouring countries' support for insurgents, terrorists and militias.

* Iraq government calls for preparatory conference on a Middle-Eastern Confederation of States that will examine proposals on economic, trade and investment union. Proposals will be presented for a convention on civil, human and minority rights in the Near East, with a supreme court/tribunal with enforcement powers.

Purpose: To increase regional economic integration and provide minorities in signatory countries with supra-national protection.

* Iraq government calls for an international conference on Iraq that would include Iraq, its regional neighbours, Egypt, the UAE, the US, UK, France, Germany, Russia and China that would aim to produce a treaty guaranteeing: a. Iraq's frontiers b. The broad principles of Iraq's constitutional arrangements

c. Establishing an international force to replace the multinational force over 12 to 18 months. Appointing an international co-ordinator to oversee treaty implementation.

Purpose: To arrange for the gradual and orderly withdrawal of American troops, ensure that Iraq develops along constitutional lines and to confirm Iraq and its neighbours' common frontiers.

* Iraq government will introduce changes to government by creating two statutory bodies with autonomous financing and independent boards: a. A reconstruction and development council run by Iraqi professionals and technocrats with World Bank/UN support b. A security council which will oversee professional ministries of defence, interior, intelligence and national security.

Purpose: To remove the reconstruction and development programme from incompetent hands and transfer them to an apolitical, professional and independent body. Also to remove the oversight, and command and control of security ministries from politicised party control to independent, professional and accountable body.

* The entire peace plan, its preamble and its details must be put before Iraqi parliament for its approval.