Palestinian teenager stabs two Israelis in knife rampage at Jerusalem supermarket

CCTV footage captures attack by 16-year-old, who was later shot by police

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Police in Israel have released CCTV footage allegedly showing the moment two Israeli citizens were stabbed by a young Palestinian man in a supermarket.

The incident took place at a branch of Rami Levy in the east of Jerusalem and two police say two Israelis were moderately injured in the attack.

The pair were stabbed by a 16-year-old Palestinian who then fled the scene and was shot by police, according to authorities.


The attacker was taken to a hospital in east Jerusalem and his condition is currently unknown.

The shocking video shows the young man, dressed in black, approach a shopper from behind and stab him in the region around his neck, sending the victim to the floor. The attacker then turns to a man next to him who is pushing a trolley and begins to land several blows to the individual. However, the man manages to raise his arms and defend himself and chase the man off.

Warning: Viewers may find this video distressing

The assailant can then be seen running through the supermarket, followed by several other shoppers attempting to catch him.

The incident is just one of a number of attacks in recent weeks as tensions have risen between Israelis and Palestinians. In the last six weeks, 11 Israelis and 12 Palestinians have been killed in a string of violence.

Earlier in November, five Israelis were killed and several more wounded in a terror attack at a synagogue in the Jerusalem neighbourhood of Har Nof.