Video: Iraqi government releases video showing air strikes on Isis targets

The Iraqi Ministry of Defence claimed they destroyed a number of ammunition factories during the strikes

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The Iraqi Ministry of Defence has released footage that shows a number of air strikes against Isis targets.

The video, which was published yesterday, shows Isis positions in the Anbar province being bombed by Iraqi fighter jets.

Some of the footage shows Isis militants attempting to escape the jets moments before being hit.

The release of the video came alongside claims from Ministry of Defence officials that they had also hit a number of Isis-held ammunition warehouses.

The Iraqi government is still yet to confirm when exactly the strikes took place.

The Anbar has been an area where Isis forces have made massive gains since the start of the year.

After taking over Fallujah in January and the Anbar’s capital Ramadi in January, Isis has assumed control over much of the region.

The release of the footage came a week after the Pentagon released a report on the success of their five-month air strike campaign.

According to the report, airs trikes have destroyed 3,222 targets since August, including 58 tanks, 184 Humvees, 673 fighting positions and 980 buildings or barracks.