Video: Plague of locusts cause chaos in Yemen

There are fears that the infestation could lead to massive food shortages in the country

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A swarm of locusts have been wreaking havoc on farms across Yemen as they eat their way through fields of crops.

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Local farmers have been greatly affected by the infestation, around 75 per cent of the population relying on agriculture and the locusts are having a huge impact on the country.

The locusts have been eating their way through crops as they seek breeding sites during their growth.

Climate change is thought to be the major reason for the plague. Unusually heavy rains this year have created the perfect breeding ground for locusts. The insects lay their eggs in humid sand which is good for growth.

The situation is so dire that farmers may not to harvest any crops this year and could lead to people dying from hunger. The plague could force people to rely on the government and aid from the international community.

Yemen already suffers from food shortages and this plague will only exacerbate the situation further.