Pensacola abortions shootings

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PENSACOLA - A paramedic escorts the administrator of the Ladies' Center of Abortion, Linda Taggart, out of the clinic after two men were shot dead and a woman was wounded outside the clinic on Friday. This was the second fatal shooting at a Pensacola abortion clinic in 16 months. Police have arrested a militant anti-abortion protester for the shootings.

The dead men were Dr John Bayard Britton, 69, a Fernandina Beach, Florida, physician who worked regularly at the clinic, and James Herman Barrett, 74, of Pensacola, a retired US Air Force Lieutenant- Colonel and long-time abortion rights advocate acting as Britton's escort to the clinic.

The suspect, Paul Hill, is a former Presbyterian minister who leads an anti-abortion group that advocates 'justifiable homicide' against doctors who perform abortions.

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