Ikea contributes to World Refugee Day with flat-pack fix for refugees... if they can build it


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It’s been a rocky month for Ikea. The flat-packer’s flat-packer-in-chief – founder Ingvar Kamprad – left the company at the beginning of the month, a few days after British customers had been complaining in their droves (well, 50) about the firm’s spooky gnome advert.

Some good news came with the announcement that Ikea would be contributing to World Refugee Day with a flat-pack refugee shelter design. It has built a prototype for a hut which would cost about £600 and – in theory – provide a much better temporary home than a tent. In the spirit of cooperation with our MDF-stuffing overlords, Trending has commissioned our in-house experts in teeth-grinding confusion to mock up some assembly instructions for what will surely be called the Tillflykt (that’s refuge in Swedish).

Aid workers on borders around the world will surely find their chaotic jobs made much easier. Until they realise they have to purchase a separate Allen key.