Interpol issues global terror alert

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Interpol issued a global security alert yesterday, warning countries around the world to be on their guard after a series of jail breaks believed to be linked to al-Qa'ida.

The warning came after the US State Department put out a travel alert and closed 21 of its embassies in response to non-specific information suggesting that al-Qa'ida is planning terror attacks in August. In a statement issued from its general secretariat HQ in Lyon, France, Interpol urged countries around the world to show "increased vigilance", following prison escapes over the past month which freed hundreds of terrorists in nine nations including Iraq, Libya and Pakistan.

Britain announced it is shutting its embassy in Yemen for two days because of security concerns.

The CIA is said to have collected and analysed electronic communications between senior al-Qa'ida figures last week which pointed to the potential for attacks to take place in North America and the Middle East.