US diplomats accidentally hung the Russian national flag upside down before Syria talks between the two countries in Zurich, Switzerland.

The white band of the Russian flag, not the red, is meant to be at the top. 

The summit between US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov are set to discuss Syria but also the wider situation in the Middle East and the continuing conflict in Ukraine.

This mistake was only corrected after an RT cameraman pointed out the mistake to Glen Johnson, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs.

Informing Mr Johnson, the cameran said: "Hey Glen, the Russian flag is upside down so the colors [are] in the wrong direction."

"What, are you serious? You’re not bulls**tting me, right?” Johnson replied

"I’m not bullsh**ting you," the cameraman confirmed.

The diplomat then double-checked as he closed the door to the conference room: "So the white should be on top?"