Postcard from... Berlin


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The queens of pop have been descending on Berlin. Madonna, who makes no secret of her penchant for “working out” was in town last week to open a fitness studio. Lady Gaga chose to celebrate the launch of her new album in the German capital’s famous Berghain club, which is housed in a former power station. Unlike Madonna, La Gaga’s fans were allowed to compete for tickets by sending in questions which they wanted her to answer. There was no doubting their enthusiasm. They had come from as far afield as Amsterdam to glimpse their favourite diva in the flesh. Oliver, 18, had travelled from the remote, former communist East German sea port of Greifswald to see her.

“Gaga has helped me a lot in my life,” he told the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper. “I am bisexual and where I come from that is something people find difficult to accept.”

The other fans seemed to have had similar experiences, and had come for similar inspiration. Many of the young men held hands with each other as they waited. Some wore glitter  leggings, others had bright feathers stuck to their eyelashes. “I love her attitude and her message,” said 20–year-old Nick. “You can simply be who you are.”

There were hysterical scenes as, dressed in black underwear and suspenders and sporting a Salvador Dali moustache (pictured) Lady Gaga launched into her new album. Afterwards she began answering the questions her fans had sent. She talked about love and the need to ignore those who criticised. Her fans responded en masse by forming heart shapes with their thumbs and forefingers.