Rwanda expels journalist

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Rwanda's Interior Ministry ordered the expulsion of Reuters correspondent Christian Jennings from the country yesterday. Mr Jennings said two ministry officials served him with a deportation order saying his presence in the country was undesirable. The officials told him to leave within 24 hours but the written order gave no deadline.

Mr Jennings, a 34-year-old Briton, has been based in Rwanda since August 1996. He has reported from Rwanda and neighbouring Zaire on the rebellion which began there last October. He has a valid Rwandan visa and press accreditation.

Official Rwandan and foreign diplomatic sources said a Reuters report on 7 February about a news conference in Kigali given by Vice-President Paul Kagame led to the expulsion order. The report quoted Mr Kagame as saying Rwanda had the right to divert some foreign aid to help the internal war against Hutu extremists because security was the priority for both the Rwandan government and foreign donors. Reuters - Kigali