SA radical group claims it killed whites

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KING WILLIAM'S TOWN (Agencies) - Police said that responsibility for Saturday night's gunfire and grenade attack which killed four whites was admitted by a telephone caller yesterday morning who claimed to be speaking for the Azanian People's Liberation Army (Apla), armed wing of the Pan-Africanist Congress (PAC). 'We're going to hit harder now,' police quoted the caller as saying.

The PAC, a relatively small, radical group, has distanced itself in the past from ambushes claimed by Apla. The PAC's secretary-general, Benny Alexander, refused yesterday either to confirm or deny involvement in the attack on a Christmas party at a country club. Apla has previously claimed responsibility for the killing of policemen, usually by telephoning Sapa, the domestic news agency.

At least 26 blacks died in political violence across South Africa since Friday. Among them were four people who died on Sunday when gunmen opened fire on their home in Sebokeng, a township south of Johannesburg.