Serb snipers attack Sarajevo civilians

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Sarajevo - Bosnian Serb snipers yesterday killed one man and injured 11 others in the worst attack on civilians in Sarajevo for three weeks, writes Emma Daly. The attack - two sustained bursts of fire at a tram and pedestrians on Vojvode Putnika, known as 'Snipers' Alley' - almost certainly came as retribution for a Bosnian government offensive on Thursday in which 20 Serbs were killed.

A man travelling on a tram was shot dead at lunchtime yesterday, and several other passengers were injured. A second burst of fire a few minutes later wounded several children who were running for cover, according to reporters who witnessed the shooting.

The UN envoy, Yasushi Akashi, later issued a statement condemning the 'flagrant and deliberate attack on civilians'. UN officials said peace-keepers were investigating the incident, although UN anti-sniping teams stationed along Sniper's Alley did not return fire.