Simpson judge rejects request for new trial

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The judge who presided over OJ Simpson's civil case denied a request for a new trial and said Simpson's "most grievous" conduct justified the $33.5m finding against him.

Superior Court Judge Hiroshi Fujisaki said he found no validity to defence claims of juror misconduct or arguments that the former US football star would be unable to pay the damages awarded to the estate of Nicole Brown Simpson or Ron Goldman's family. "The reprehensibility of this defendant is without a doubt most grievous and beyond comparison," he said.

Simpson, who was acquitted of the June 1994 murders of Ms Simpson and Goldman, was sued by their survivors in civil court and was held liable. He did not attend the hearing yesterday. "He has the ability to absorb the punitive damages," Mr Fujisaki said, noting there was evidence Simpson would be able to make additional funds in the future to help pay the award. Santa Monica - AP