Snapchat's decision to live stream from Mecca praised by thousands of Muslims online

Many commented it was refreshing change after some negative portrayals by the media

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Snapchat’s decision to live stream intimate images from Mecca has prompted thousands of Muslims to celebrate the positive portrayal of their religion.

Social media has been deluged with images from Mecca shared by the millions of Muslims making the holy pilgrimage to the birthplace of the Prophet Mohamed.

Among the thousands of images shared, many have commented on how refreshing it has been to see their religion celebrated as Snapchat users experienced Islam “first hand”.

Thousands more commented on the positivity of the message shown by the social media postings, with many noting the difference between the media's often negative slant on their religion and the genuine outpouring of affection and joy that social media users were able to demonstrate.

Snapchat’s live stream happened after roughly one million Muslims petitioned the social media giant online.