The map showing the most dangerous tourist destinations in Europe, according to the Foreign Office

Comes in the wake of the atrocity in Tunisia

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In the wake of the attack on tourists on a Tunisian beach, the Foreign Office's advice of the most popular destinations for Britons - outlining which they perceive to be safest places to holiday - makes for interesting reading for many.

Popular holiday destinations, including France and Spain, are presently designated “high threat” locations by the FCO. Also deemed on a “high threat” are Lebanon, Egypt, Australia, Thailand and Tunisia.

FCO advice on Egypt, visited by a little under a million Britons every year, states: “We believe that terrorists continue to plan attacks.

“Attacks could be indiscriminate and occur without prior warning. Attacks targeting foreigners can’t be ruled out.” It also notes there is a threat of kidnapping in remote areas.

Tourists are also advised to avoid parts of Israel, particularly along the Lebanese border and near the Syrian border, which are unsettled areas in which tourist could face attacks.

Thailand, which had 26.5million visitors in 2013 and remains popular with British tourists, is deemed a “high threat” for terrorism. The FCO warns that while some parts remain safe, there is an increase in threat towards the south of the country.

The FCO advises that travellers to Turkey, of which there were over 2.5 million last year, avoid areas near the Syrian border but notes that “most visits are trouble-free.” Turkey remains on the “high threat” list however.