Tutu threat to quit over ANC abuses

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu threatened to resign from South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission if the ruling African National Congress refused to seek an amnesty for past human rights abuses.

Archbishop Tutu, a Nobel peace laureate and widely regarded as the country's moral conscience, piled pressure on to President Nelson Mandela's ANC, insisting publicly that it could not unilaterally declare itself blameless in the fight against white rule.

"If this position is accepted as ANC policy, we will then have to look for another chairperson," he said. The Archbishop lambasted the ANC's chief legal adviser, Mathews Phosa, for saying former ANC guerrillas did not need to ask for amnesty for bombings, shootings and other killings because their fight against apartheid was a "just struggle". Durban - Reuter