UN gives the go-ahead for SA observers

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NEW YORK (Reuter) - The Security Council unanimously authorised yesterday the urgent stationing of United Nations observers in South Africa to help end violence in the country, but left it to the UN Secretary-General, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, to decide how many should be sent.

In a report published on 7 August he recommended about 30 observers should be dispatched under a peace accord signed last September by all South Africa's main political parties, trade unions, religious groups and civic organisations.

The council resolution, as initially drafted, would have endorsed the secretary-general's recommendation to send some 30 observers but non-aligned members of the Security Council, following the wishes of the ANC, had suggested some 400 observers.

The resolution finally adopted 'authorises the secretary-general to deploy, as a matter of urgency, UN observers in South Africa, in such a manner and in such numbers as he determines necessary'.