Young men flouting law 'cause of many crashes' accidents' Young males 'cause of many accidents'

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Transport Correspondent

A group of young male drivers who deliberately flout traffic laws cause a disproportionate number of deaths, according to research published today.

These young people deliberately drive aggressively and break the law, taking calculated risks that often result in accidents, according to researchers from Manchester University.

The offences they commit include jumping red lights and speeding. While drink-driving is no longer considered acceptable behaviour by young people, other offences, particularly speeding, do not have the same social stigma.

The researchers say that efforts to change the attitudes that motivate certain drivers could reduce the number of crashes they cause. They found that when young male drivers are accompanied by a girlfriend or their parents, their driving improves. Even the mere fact of having a girlfriend improves the standard of young men's driving.

Edmund King, RAC campaigns manager, said: "Many accidents are the result of deliberate and preventable traffic violations." To target this group, the RAC is launching a driving video using comedians Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer.