6% of people want to be buried in their shed

New report reveals surprising shed statistics as 2013 Shed of the Year competition is officially launched

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New research released today reveals that 65 per cent of British adults now own a shed and the average shed owner spends over a year of their life in their shed. Indeed, Brits love their shed so much that 6 per cent would like to be buried in them.

The research forms part of the Shed’onomic report, an in-depth study of the nation’s shedlike behaviour commissioned by Cuprinol to mark the start of the annual Shed of the Year competition. It reveals that:

* 6 per cent of men admit to getting frisky in their shed to spice up their love life

* More than one fifth of men admit to having spent time in their sheds to avoid arguments (and 12 per cent  prefer spending time in their shed to being with their family)

* 11 per cent take a business approach, using their shed as an office

The report suggests that there are just under 16 million sheds in Britain and sheds are worth more than £6 billion to the British economy. The under-25s spend the most on their sheds, an average of £493 compared to the over 55s who fork out £360. Londoners splash out the most on their sheds, an average of £508 compared to the national average of £396

Kathryn Ledson, Cuprinol Marketing Manager, said: "It’s clear that sheds are vital to the British identity and that they are an inspiration to so many of us. We’re delighted to be the official sponsor of the annual Shed of the Year competition which celebrates the best of British sheds. If you think your shed is worthy of the prestigious title of Shed of the Year then you can enter at www.readersheds.co.uk from now until 3 May.”

The Shed of the Year competition is the brainchild of shed-fanatic Uncle Wilco, who launched the nationwide competition seven years ago to celebrate the best of British shed. Shed categories include:

  • Normal
  • Eco
  • Garden Office
  • Cabin/ Summerhouse
  • Workshop/ Studio
  • Unique
  • Pub
  • Tardis

Winners will be announced during Shed Week (1-7 July 2013).


The top 10 most unusual objects stored in sheds

1. A wedding dress

2. Ashes from a family member’s cremation

3. A Sinclair bubble car

4. Christmas presents

5. A church organ blower

6. Stuffed animals

7. A chicken coop

8. Porn

9. Model aircrafts

10. A tile from Genghis Khan's palace