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SO, AFTER 21 years on the box, Esther Rantzen's weekly consumer current affairs show gets the chop. That's life] The show that fought so valiantly over the years for, among others, mindless twerps who actually responded to junk mail, ends up on the television junk heap. This week, the Candid Caller asked: Will you miss That's Life?

Miss Freda Rantzen of Leamington Spa: 'Yes - it's a great shame. I watched it regularly. I'm dimly related to Esther, I'm her aunt by marriage. I enjoy the programme because Esther always brings up both funny things and serious matters.'

Mrs D Wilcox of Peterborough: 'Yes. We preferred it when it was on a Saturday, but we will miss it. I was about eight when it first came on - then my parents tuned into it every week.'

Captain G Campbell of Liverpool: 'Miss what? Well, I hate to admit it but I've never listened (sic) to it - so I absolutely won't miss it.'

Mr A Mills of Hereford: 'To tell you the truth, two years ago 'yes', but now 'no'. I think I just got bored with it. It used to be on a Sunday, but when it was switched to Saturday night it clashed with my one night out. That was also the start of my losing interest in it altogether.'

Mrs H Leader of Wolverhampton: 'Not really, I don't really watch it. I caught it sometimes when nothing else was on, but it was never a great favourite.'

Mrs C Fletcher of Ilkeley: 'Yes, we find it quite entertaining and enlightening on lots of issues. Is it definitely going to be stopped? Oh, we shall miss it. Even if it was started up with a new cast I suppose the essence of it would be gone. What a shame.'

Mr Philip Dwane of Bread N Butter cafe, Manchester: 'No. Early on it was a reasonable programme but not towards the end. It was the same tired old formula week after week.'