Gardening / Tool Box: The clip that's a snip

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MY WIFE has been in hospital for the past fortnight, but is now storming down Recovery Road. Serious gardening will be out of the question for a few weeks, so I have been seeking something suitable for light work.

The search ended at Percy Thrower's Gardening Centre on what used to be the Shrewsbury bypass. Run by Mr Thrower's widow and three daughters, the centre celebrates its 25th birthday this year and is within a mile of the Shropshire Nuffield Hospital.

'They've been selling like hot cakes ever since Margaret (the eldest daughter) used one on TV,' I was told when I handed over pounds 3.99 for a Spear & Jackson floral clip.

It was news to me, as I am no great fan of television; I just liked the look and feel of a neat little spring-loaded snipper that is easier to handle than scissors. My wife rates it highly for flower arranging - there have been times when it was difficult to move for blooms.

The snip would be even better if it had a simple 'muzzle' to shield the pointed blades when not in use.

Spear & Jackson Garden Products, Handsworth Road, Sheffield S13 9BR (0742 449911).