Growing up: The Vertical Garden


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It's common knowledge that plants grow upwards, following a path to the nearest sunlight.

But one botanist-turned-artist has taken this basic concept and used it as a basis to sculpt stunning skyscapes that have coined him the nickname 'the Green Man'.

Patrick Blanc has been described as a 'living encyclopedia on plants', and a particular expert in those growing in the most severe and difficult conditions.

Taking his cue from nature,  particularly aquatic plants and those in the protected and moist shaded zones of the understory of tropical forests, Blanc developed a simple technique that allowed fauna to grow without soil along the surface of a wall, with roots attached to a mesh-covered felt soaked with mineralized water.

Blanc's creations now adorn the walls of museums, shopping centres, private homes, hotels and skyscrapers across the world.

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'Patrick Blanc's 'The Vertical Garden: From Nature to the City' is out now through WW Norton