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A YEAR has passed since the Traditional Garden Supply Company's tomahawk-like Cape Cod weeder was given '10-out-of-10' status by the denizens of Tool Box Towers. Nothing has happened since then to lessen our enthusiasm for a delightfully simple tool that feels as good as it looks and is a pleasure to use. That is the good news.

And the even better news? Two other Cape Cod items have joined the weeder to form a matching gift set that should make any gardener want to spend Christmas Day doing something more useful than pulling crackers and popping corks.

The transplanting trowel has a graded scoop and long handle of varnished ash. The claw, which has a 10in handle and three sprung-steel tines, commends itself as a useful tool for such tasks as light weeding. Weeder, trowel and claw cost a total of pounds 41.97 as individual purchases; so the set's price of pounds 37.99 represents a worthwhile saving, and includes a canvas storage bag as a bonus. Another pounds 2.95 delivery charge should be added for mail orders, but the TGSC now has a shop if you happen to be in that neck of the woods.

Traditional Garden Supply Company, Unit 12, Hewitts Industrial Estate, Elmbridge Road, Cranleigh, Surrey GU6 8LW (0483 273366).