Tool Box: Brush that bristles with concrete sense

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THERE must be times when all but the most fanatical gardeners wonder if concrete or paving slabs would not make more sense than flowerbeds and lawns, which require so much work.

However, several large concrete areas here at Tool Box Towers are a constant reminder that everything in the garden needs attention if it is to stay looking its best.

Surfaces that were grubby (one reason being that my classic cars tend to drip oil when parked outside the front door) have been looking more respectable since we started using the Hozelock patio brush.

The brush, priced at pounds 33.99, is compatible with Hozelock's System 2 hose fittings. It feeds water to polypropylene bristles by way of a chamber containing a small quantity of patio cleaner. The fluid costs pounds 3.39 a litre and is claimed to be 'green' as well as 'heavy duty'.

The head can be swivelled to reach awkward corners and replaced with one whose softer bristles are suitable for tasks such as cleaning greenhouse glass.

Drawbacks? As a six- footer, I found the so-called 'long-reach' brush not quite long enough.

Hozelock Ltd, Haddenham, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP17 8JD (0844 291881).