Tool Box: Cutter that's a a snip

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MY cherished Victorinox Swiss Army knife is an ever- present reminder that versatility can be a space-saving, cost-effective virtue. The Stirex GKC1 Combi-Tool, although not equipped with such a range of gadgets, is a similarly useful, multi-purpose device, of particular value to elderly and partially disabled gardeners.

Made in Sweden and imported by Damar International, it can best be described as a cross between snipper and secateur, with the accent on the former. Serrations and indentations between the 4in- long plastic handles and the stainless-steel blades can be used for such tasks as opening bottles and cracking nuts.

The tops of the handles are joined by a nylon strip that acts as a spring. The handles are long enough to provide good leverage but the Combi- Tool does not have the cutting power of secateurs. It is, however, a useful pruner and clipper. The usual price of pounds 19, including postage and packing, is reduced to pounds 12.95 for Tool Box readers.

Damar International Ltd, 45 Humberstone Drive, Leicester LE5 0RE (0533 764144).