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House plants should be fed and watered less as growth slows down. Tuberous begonias and gloxinias that have finished flowering should be laid on their sides in a cool greenhouse.

Take cuttings of perennial wallflowers such as Constant Cheer and pansies to replace old plants that have become worn out and leggy. Take cuttings also of tender perennials such as penstemon, argyranthemum and osteospermum.

Fill tubs with bulbs to flower in spring. Bulbs can be planted in three different layers to flower at different times. Try May-flowering tulips in the bottom layer, cover with compost and lay April flowering tulips on the next layer. Cover them too with compost and finish off with small, early flowering crocus, covered with a final thin blanket of compost. If you bury crocus too deeply, they will not flower.