Weekend work: Time to spray apple and pear trees


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* The kitchen windowsill is satisfyingly full of pots of germinated seeds. Cobaea, statice, rudbeckia, verbena, stocks are all through. Next to be sown will be basil and tomatoes – 'Sungold', a wonderfully sweet cherry tomato (Thompson & Morgan, £2.99 for 10 seeds) and 'Pannovy' (Simpson's Seeds, £2.10 for 6 seeds).

* Perfectionists might like to spray apple and pear trees against scab, if there are no more pressing tasks to hand. Scab is a blemish rather than a threat. Trees will not die because of it.


* Derry Watkins's Special Tuesdays start next month, with a series of talks in her garden, either at 11am or repeated at 2.30pm. The subject on 15 April is Spring Pruning; the week after (22 April) Derry will be talking about sowing annuals.

Talks are free with entry to the garden (£4.50) at Special Plants, Greenways Lane, Cold Ashton, Chippenham, Wilts SN14 8LA. Be prepared to spend money at the nursery. It's irresistible. For more information call 01225 891686 or go to the website at specialplants.net