Weekend Work: Tip layering hybrid berries

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What to do

Increase stocks of hybrid berries such as loganberry and tayberry by tip layering. Bury the tip of a shoot about 15cm (6in) down in the soil and firm the earth around it. By spring it should be well-rooted.

Pick and prune late fruiting blackcurrants in one fell swoop by cutting back all the stems carrying berries to a strong new shoot. On old bushes or those which do not have much non-fruiting growth, cut out about a third of the branches entirely, taking them back to the base.

Rambler roses and other climbing roses that only have one flush of flower should be pruned as soon as the flowers fade. With ramblers, take out one old stem for each new one that has grown. With climbers, cut just above a vigorous new side shoot.

Cut back helianthemums (rock roses). Delphiniums may give a second late show if you cut down the old flowered stems.

Take cuttings of 'Camellia japonica', using half-ripened side shoots. Root the cuttings in pots of sandy soil. August is the prime time for taking cuttings of a wide range of shrubs, such as philadelphus, senecio and grey-leaved artemisias.

Propagate lavender now, too. Choose short lengths of non-flowering shoots and stick them in a pot or a shady cold frame in sandy compost. Keep them well watered.

Deutzias can also be propagated now. Choose half-ripe lateral shoots (those that grow out from a main stem), 10cm (4in) long and set them in sandy compost in a pot or cold frame.

Cut back hard any good violas and pansies that you want to increase. Cover the crowns with a finely sifted mixture of sandy soil. This will encourage the plant to produce some good new growth.

What to see

Garden sculptures in bronze, steel, glass, ceramic and willow are on show at Art de Jardin (Wed-Sun, 10am-5pm) this month. Hilary Cartmel's bold pieces in rusted steel are directly inspired by plants. Neil Wilkin's pieces are more abstract, created from glittering, finely-spun glass. Wingwell, 5 Top Street, Wing, Oakham, Rutland LE15 8SE, 01572 737727, artdejardin.co.uk