Design anything and get it delivered in ten days

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A website called Shapeways is making any aspiring designer's dream come true: it "3D prints" any submitted design and even lets you sell your items directly via its online store.

No matter whether it's custom jewelry, toys or sculptures you're after: all you need to do is submit a 3D model (as STL file) of your object of desire, and they'll do the rest, working even with 'difficult' materials such as metal or glass.

The price naturally depends on your project, but designers who have tried it say it's "relatively cheap," especially considering that you can skip the usual hassle of manufacturing and retail.

One commenter on design site Core77 said: "The only negative I can think of is that they seem to be getting popular and an occasional la[g] in turnaround or shipping (wrong item) does happen. However they're friendly and problems are usually solved very quickly."

Just like fashion, interior design seems to be opening its doors to the wider public.

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