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Want the inside story on trends in the next decade? Visit 100% Detail, advises Joey Canessa
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Promoting great design for more than 10 years, 100% Design runs a series of London-wide concurrent specialist exhibitions. 100% Detail, in its third year, is one of these, providing a unique showcase for the latest in building and design solutions.

Addressing key issues such as sustainability and space saving, the exhibition promises an insight into the trends of the next decade.

A "green" roof treatment, involving a lawn that grows on your roof, Prelasti roof gardens can be planted on both new-build and retrofit projects. A made-to-measure roof membrane is spread over the roof in a single operation, and when planted, provides high levels of acoustic insulation and energy efficiency.

Two versions are available. Extensive systems provide ecological and aesthetic benefits, usually planted with low-maintenance herbs and grasses, but cannot be accessed daily.

Intensive systems are used on flat roofs and are designed for recreational use like a traditional garden and require higher levels of maintenance.

Prelasti roof gardens are supplied, installed and maintained in the UK by Abacus Roofing, so there's no need to carry the lawnmower up the ladder.

Sustainability is a key consideration in architecture and design, and products made from recycled materials are as good as it gets.

Carpet Burns is a solid material produced from heat-treated, recycled carpet, discovered by artist Kelly Atkins, when she left her iron, face down, on her bedroom carpet.

Using a patented process, old carpet is transformed into a waterproof, durable, low-maintenance material that can be worked in a similar way to wood, while retaining the original pattern of the carpet.

Applications, both interior and exterior, include flooring, flat-pack furniture and wall panels.

We've seen them on Star Trek for 40 years, and at last they're here. Beautifully designed, space-saving Pocket sliding doors from Eclisse - Em-B Solutions retract into a pocket within the wall, and can be installed quickly and easily into a standard 100mm stud wall.

The "Extractable Track" system provides the ultimate in easy maintenance and upgradability and it's available in a broad range of materials including metal and glass. Unlike more complex systems, Eclisse doors require no jambs or architraves, resulting in clean, smooth lines.

As an alternative to environmentally blacklisted air conditioners, external shading systems for buildings are likely to grow in popularity in the future.

The Belgian company, Renson Ventilation, manufacture a range of products aimed at natural sun protection and ventilation, all of which have a positive environmental impact, with no energy costs and reduced exterior noise.

Their new Sunclips Patio is a system of sliding solar shutters which can be adjusted manually or by means of a motor, to enclose balconies or protect windows, and is available as solid or perforated louvres.

At last the era of the minimalist white interior is drawing to a close, as shown by products like those made by Rodeca, manufacturers of transparent building materials. Their polycarbonate sheeting is suitable for exterior use, in the form of facades and roof glazing, and also fascinating internal applications, particularly the newly-introduced Bicolour glazing elements available in a wide range of colours. All their products have excellent thermal performance and are making great contributions to a jollier world.

SGG have a wide range of new products for domestic use, the most exciting of which is the labour-saving SGG Bioclean, self-cleaning glass, coated with a surface that works with the sun and the rain to keep the glass clean.

Suitable for overhead and high-level glazing with difficult access, Bioclean is also available with built-in sun protection, useful for hot conservatories.

Dornbracht, the world leaders in bathroom fittings, produce a range of simple, elegant designs incorporating the latest in technology. Their newest range, MEM, represents a fresh approach to bathroom aesthetics, featuring flat, wide-spouted taps that look beautiful and produce a pleasing gush of water.

The Cool Wall contest, on 25 September, 100% Detail's public day, will involve 12 architecture practices presenting projects to an audience who will then award the 12 schemes a "cool" rating, judging projects on criteria such as function, value for money and innovation. The contest will also provide the public with the opportunity to meet the participating architects.

100% Detail runs from 22-25 September 2005 at Earls Court 1 and will be open to the public on 25 September. For more information, visit