Floor trends of the future - looking ahead to Domotex

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The Domotex exhibition, which will take place in Hannover, Germany from January 15 through 18, will present the latest trends, innovations and products relating to flooring.


Last year's event attracted over 38,000 visitors from around the world; Domotex 2011 is expected to be home to over 1,400 exhibitors representing the diverse styles and fashions of flooring from around the world.

This year's event particularly focuses on two hot topics or key trends in the world of flooring - "sustainability in flooring" and "fashion meets carpet."

The organizers of Domotex 2011 predict that in 2011/2012 carpets will double as design items and play a more pronounced role in interior decoration considerations. Carpets, state the organizers, are beginning to incorporate modern and edgy colors, 3D looks and unique materials, and classic styles of carpet are getting an updated, more modern look.

Several exhibitors use the event as a launch pad for new products or as a chance to get industry feedback on their newest design trends. For more information about Domotex Hannover see: http://www.domotex.de (available in English and German only).  

On January 27-30 one of Canada's biggest design shows the 'Interior Design Show' will also present a number of products covering a variety of living spaces. The event is expected to attract around 550,000 visitors and 4000 unique designs - though the event is much bigger in terms of visitor numbers it lacks the narrow product focus of Domotex, see: http://www.interiordesignshow.com/