Karim Rashid's new design coup: the self-heating baby bottle

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Leading product designer Karim Rashid has teamed up with up-and-coming Danish design brand iiamo to release the first self-warming baby bottle, supposed to 'liberate' stressed parents.

"It's genuinely simple. Your pour-in formula activates the [heating] cartridge and approximately four minutes later you have body-temperature milk ready to serve no matter where you are," said iiamo's Nikolaj Leonhard-Hjorth.

But the team's intentions are wider-reaching than just launching an innovative product. According to the designers, the new baby bottle stands for a whole new style of parenting. Explains Leonhard-Hjorth: "'iiamo go' is specially designed to help parents be more mobile and feel less stressed. It lets you move around, go out with friends and relax while your family is filling in or even taking your baby for a spin, knowing that warm milk is only minutes away."

In addition, the two Danish designers behind iiamo, both young fathers, have banned the toxic ingredient BPA (Bisphenol-A), a material used for the past 20 years by many manufacturers.

Egyptian-born Rashid, who is sometimes referred to as the 'Poet of Plastic,' has previously worked for design brands including Alessi, Prada, and Issey Miyake. His 'iiamo go' bottle comes in his signature white and pink as well as two other color combinations and retails for DKK249,95 (around €34) at iiamo's online shop.

As announced by iiamo on January 6, the bottle has already won its first accolades including the prestigious GOOD DESIGN award bestowed by the Chicago's Athenaeum for design and architecture, and a merit award from Interior Design magazine.