Cutest at Crufts and beyond: It's the dogs of awwwwww...

As three-legged hound Haatchi wins the  people’s prize at Crufts, how do these celebrated cute canines compare to our hairy hero?

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He might not be a cuddly puppy or a lovely labrador, but this Anatolian shepherd dog has a heart of gold (despite, sob, losing his leg and tail after being tied to train tracks). He’s the constant companion of seven-year-old Owen Hopkins, who suffers from a rare genetic condition. If Haatchi doesn’t sound angelic enough, he and Owen spend their spare time raising money for a number of charities. Give that dog a bone.


Not so much cute as very capable and cool-headed in a crisis. A great best friend.

Andrex puppy

Soft, strong and very long... no wait, that’s the product, not the pup. Very sweet, though.


Anyone who can convince Simon Cowell that they’re the most talented mammal in Britain is a very good doggy indeed.


Aka the cutest dog in the world, Boo has his own website, merchandise, book and more than 2 million Facebook fans on his side.


The real star of “The Artist” showed that you don’t need to be able to speak to have Oscar-worthy cuteness.