Pet's corner: What pet will suit my lifestyle?

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I've recently moved in to my own flat, with a small grassed garden. I've always wanted to adopt an animal from a rescue centre, but I don't feel I've got enough time for a dog and I've had cats in the past. Can you give me any suggestions? Cathy Oliver, Cricklewood

You've obviously put a lot of thought into getting your pet. Getting pets is not something that should be rushed into or gotten on a whim. It is great that you are considering adopting your new pet from an animal shelter. I had the pleasure of owning a house rabbit and they make fantastic companions. It has recently become popular for us to keep bunnies in our homes. They adapt very well as long as you proof your home so they cannot have any accidents. One of the most important things to be aware of is electrical cables, which rabbits love to chew. These long eared creatures are easily house trained. Spaying and neutering is advised, since this will help to prevent marking behaviour. As Easter is coming up, and there are images of cute fluffy bunnies everywhere, think carefully before you buy one. Last year the Blue Cross Animal Adoption Centres took in 160 rabbits that needed new homes.

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