Beware of the royally spoilt dogs


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Who's a naughty boy, then? The Queen's corgis stand accused of attacking Max, a Norfolk terrier belonging to her granddaughter Princess Beatrice, almost tearing the 11-year-old pooch's ear off.

The incident is said to have upset the Queen, whose pets have long been one of the lasting symbols of her reign. A devoted pet owner, the Queen is believed to give the dogs free reign (!) of the royal apartments and during dress fittings she has a magnet to pick up the pins to protect their paws.

If she does not have an engagement, she is said to personally feed her pets in the evening. Last year the Daily Mail reported that there had been a minor palace scandal when it was discovered that the dogs' food had been frozen, when orders from the top insist it is all fresh.

Indeed a former royal chef once revealed that a daily dog menu was pinned up in the palace. "They'd have poached chicken or liver, or rabbits shot by William and Harry which we'd clean, cook, debone and chop for them," said Darren McGrady. "We also baked scones which the Queen crumbled up and put on the floor for them."

For the corgis at least, it's not such a dog's life after all.