'Beyonce' the Dachshund mix makes bid to be named world's smallest dog


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A puppy named after one of the world's biggest pop stars could set the world record for the tiniest dog.

Animal rescuers in northern California said the female Dachshund mix, named Beyonce, was so small at birth that she could fit into a spoon. At two weeks, she is about the size of a business card.

The Grace Foundation, based in El Dorado County, says animal control officers picked up Beyonce's pregnant mother, and she gave birth to a litter of five on March 8.

Beyonce was the last one delivered, and was born without a heartbeat. Vets managed to revive her through chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

The foundation says she will be ready for adoption in about two weeks.

It has submitted an application to Guinness World Records for the world's smallest dog.