So you want to live . . . in a castellated tower

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Victorian pedigree or latter-day imitation?

Victorian pedigree or latter-day imitation?

Victorian pedigree for the tower, but the residential complex - built in the late 1960s - sports a pseudo-Victorian design to remain in keeping with the tower's character. In 1864 the house in Englishcombe Lane, Bath, was the family home of Anna "Black Beauty" Sewell.

And the agents suggest it provided the inspiration for her book, right?

Naturally, they have intimated that this unusual family home provided the impetus for the famous children's novel (they even go as far as to suggest she met the equine star while ambling in nearby Durely Park) that was eventually published in 1877.

So are they angling for another author in waiting?

No, their target buyers are a little more general than that; the agents suggesting that it would make an ideal home for professional couples, looking for something a little more distinctive than your average town house.

What about elderly couples looking for a slice of history?

"God, no!" says the agent. Looking at its six-floor layout, one can see his point. There are enough stairs to exhaust even the most ardent step-aerobics nut.

Explain the layout a little more

Spread over six floors (well five and a half - the top level is galleried), the two-bedroom property has just a cloakroom on the ground floor, a bedroom on the first, an en suite on the second, a kitchen and breakfast room on the third, with the sitting room (offering panoramic views over Bath - although not particularly spectacular) offering well-lit living space on the fourth and a studio on the top floor.

How much?

The Castellated Tower, in the Moorlands complex, Bath, is currently for sale through Chalmers Heard (01225 447755) for £265,000.