So you want to live... in a Piers Gough apartment?

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What's his claim to fame?

What's his claim to fame?

As one of Britain's most prominent architects, the highly prolific Gough has - among other things - helped rehabilitate vast swathes of London Docklands. And now there's a chance to own an apartment in his renowned high-rise, Bankside Lofts, London SE1.

Didn't he just design the complex though?

Nope, he rolled up his sleeves and did a few of the apartments too. The original plan was to sell the 100 pads as empty shells. However, some of the buyers asked him to design their flats too.

Dazzle me with his design nous

Well it's all about space and what he's done with it. This 775sq ft one-bedroom open-plan apartment oozes accessibility without feeling cramped. The curved kitchen, for example, fits seamlessly into one corner with pull-out stainless-steel units tucked into the wall. A bed deck is situated above the limestone shower room (it's a double height apartment), giving access to a huge storage cupboard.

Any funky flourishes?

The guy is also a dab hand at creating jaw-dropping ambience with lighting. For starters, the floor-to-ceiling windows - which span the length of the apartment - are illuminated by blue floor lights, which at night look sensational.

Good neighbourhood?

The Tate Modern is next door. A trip over the Millennium bridge, and you're in the heart of the city.

How much?

One-bedroom flat £385,000, through Cityscope (020 7830 9776;