House prices less important than negative factors for homehunters

One in ten homeowners claim on their home insurance because of their neighbours

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People are looking at problems rather than positives when searching for a new home, suggests a new report from esure.

It shows that the top five considerations were flood risk (45 per cent), crime statistics (42 per cent), the appearance of the neighbours' homes (31 per cent), transport links (31 per cent) and local amenities (25 per cent).

Moreover, it appears that rising house prices are of secondary importance. Just under a quarter said they took price trends in the area into consideration when looking for a home. People in Wales and London were the most concerned with house price trends, according to the report.

A second survey, by MoneySuperMarket, says that one in ten UK homeowners have claimed, or will need to claim on their home insurance because of their neighbours.

Its figures show that the most common reason for homeowners making a neighbour-related claim on their home insurance was because of property damage from unruly gardens and overgrown trees (29 per cent).

Around a quarter said lack of upkeep was also an issue, having claimed for damage caused by neighbours neglecting their property, such as leaving guttering clogged and not repairing loose roof tiles.

Of those who think they will have to claim, almost a third say it will be because of damage their neighbour causes to shared walls and fences, while 22 per cent have had to claim because of a gas leak or burst pipe problems on a neighbours’ property.

Overall, one in eight homeowners feel that their neighbours will have a major impact when it comes to selling or renting out their home.