Which kitchen gadget couldn’t you live without?

Emily Jenkinson posed the question to five top food writers and cooks

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There are so many kitchen gadgets available these days, and they all promise to make your life easier in the kitchen. But all too often that whizzy lemon squeezer with the clever design is more a hindrance than a help; used once, then left to clutter up your cupboard, along with the egg cooker, the onion chopper and those, er, sauce dispensing chop sticks your brother gave you one Christmas.

Indeed, most of us have just one kitchen gadget that we prize above all others – it’s the one we use every day and which we can’t imagine cooking without.  We asked five top food writers to reveal their favourite kitchen gadgets.

Rosie Lovell

A passionate and energetic young cook, Rosie Lovell runs a thriving deli in Brixton Market. Her blog rosiesdelicafe.com was picked as one of the Independent’s 50 best food sites and her second cook book, Supper with Rosie (£16.99, Kyle Books) is out now. The kitchen gadget she can’t live without is her…

Lakeland Potato Peeler

“Not just your average potato peeler, these peelers are super sharp and have no plastic to attract grease. They come in four different models – a potato peeler, a julienne style (makes a green papaya salad in minutes), one for fine skins, and a wide one for making slaws. They are amazing!”

Andrew Kojima

Winner of this Masterchef 2012, Andrew Kojima cooks for private events, runs private cookery classes, demos and workshops and writes a blog on his website kojcooks.co.uk. The kitchen gadget he can’t live without is his…

Kenwood Chef Titanium

“My Kenwood Chef Titanium is a highly valued piece of kit in my kitchen. For coffee and walnut macaroons, I use: the jug blender to pulverise the almonds, the food processor to chop the walnuts, the balloon whisk to beat the egg whites, the Flexi Beater to fold in the dry ingredients and the K Beater to beat the walnut butter. I even used the jug to hold the piping bag open. It hasn't just made a difference to my baking though - I can use it to roll pasta, make sausages, pass smooth mashed potato and make ice cream. Brilliant."

Jane Lovett

Northumberland-based Jane Lovett runs cookery demonstrations across the country and writes regular columns for Newcastle’s daily paper The Journal, and The Northumbrian magazine. Her first book, Make it Easy (£19.99, New Holland) is out now. The kitchen gadget she can’t live without is her…

Revel Wet n’ Dry Grinder

“This clever, powerful little machine processes both wet and dry ingredients – grinding, chopping and puréeing in seconds. It’s brilliant for chopping herbs, grinding spices and making pastes, marinades and dressings in the blink of an eye. And it goes in the dishwasher. An invaluable time saver!”

Giancarlo Caldesi

Italian-born and raised, Giancarlo Caldesi runs state-of-the-art cookery school La Cucina Caldesi, and Bray-based restaurant Caldesi in Campagna, alongside his wife Kate. Together they have penned three cookery books. The kitchen gadget he can’t live without is his…

Alessi Todo Cheese Grater

“I’ve owned ours for over five years and it still seems as sharp as it was on the day we bought it. Because of its length, you only need one stroke to get just the right amount of Grana Padano cheese for a bowl of pasta. It’s sturdy and easy to clean, and I think its functional design is simple and beautiful too.”

Josceline Dimbleby

One of the UK’s most successful cookery authors, Josceline Dimbleby has written 24 books. For over 15 years, she was food columnist for the Sunday Telegraph. She has also contributed to various magazines and other newspapers and featured on numerous food and travel programmes. A new edition of her much-loved book, Marvellous Meals with Mince (£9.99, Quadrille) is out now. The kitchen gadget she can’t live without is her…

Italan Mezzaluna

“I have had my large Italian mezzaluna for well over 40 years. Despite constant use, it is sharp as ever and I’ve only had to stick on the handles again once. Because I started by cooking life with it, I never learnt to chop any other way and would be lost without it – in kitchens without one, I am painfully slow.”

Emily Jenkinson is interiors writer for the mydecomarketplace, an online shopping experience where you can search hundreds of home furnishings and accessories all in one place.