Metallics make your interiors shine

From copper cushions to silver sinks
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Metallics have been around for a while now and show no signs of going away, so if you were nervous about buying into this trend, then fear not: it's not a one-season wonder. A few touches here and there – one roll of wallpaper, a few cushions or a couple of vases – and you will be right on the money. And it's easily reversible.

If you don't fancy gold and silver, consider pewter and bronze, both of which are more muted and subtle and will be a more individual take on the trend. Here are some ideas ranging from more expensive furniture to cheap and cheerful accessories.


You can coil the stem of a Helena Christensen flower lamp from Habitat ( ; 0844 499 1111) to sit it on a bedside table, or buy two and pin the stems to the wall so that the flowers "grow" up it. It's enough light to read by; matched with one of Habitat's metallic sateen bedspreads, it will bring you right up to date.

If you want to take things a bit further, the Columbian Lucho Brieva has designed this dramatic, shimmering bedside table. Prices start at £1,200, but you can commission it in any size or shape. ( ).


Consider a copper bath for a retro yet contemporary feel. Or, for real glamour, try this basin in a Louis XIV console from Eclectica (01384 220030). Bathroom designers Ripples have a range of floor tiles made from gold leaf sandwiched between two layers of glass for a luxurious hotel feel ( ; 0870 750 1626).


Aztec Metal Tiles (01233 712332) also produce tiles in bronze, brass and copper that are suitable for the splashback or the floor.

Sitting room

This room is probably the place where it is easiest to add a few small touches. Wallpapering one wall is a trend that hasn't gone away, and is a great way to bring some colour into a minimalist or monochrome scheme. It also won't cost a fortune to replace if you get bored with the look.

Bo Concept have produced a metallic coffee table, which, depending on the rest of the room, will either look very bachelor-pad or will bring a modern note into a more traditional room. Heals have a gold rug and gold leather cushions, while M&S have a number of metallic vases that are a simple way to show you know what's going on in the style stakes but are keeping it low key. Graham and Green also a range of brass-covered furniture, including chest of drawers and a console.

So you see it's easy, really. Just don't try it all at once.